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Privacy, Security and Efficiency in the 21st century

Most geopolitical events that affect our lives are outside our control; as a matter of fact, just recently we are noticing major events that are raising families' financial stress level quite a bit!

After having earned your pay with hard work, it should not be difficult to be able to send your own money wherever it pleases you around the globe.

Some governments want to restrict the flow of money outside their territory;
Some old financial system companies or banks are charging sky-high fees to send your hard earned money where you want it to go.

The result is always the same: the worker pays more, to send his own money where he wants to send it!

Consider Pesobit. With Pesobit, you are again in control of your finances; new economy institutions accept it, Pesobit pays interest, you can send Pesobits across the globe in seconds, without paperwork or red tape.

Clearly, Pesobit is a 21st century marvel designed at helping the worker do what he wants with his money and also earn more, through the high-interest (and low inflation) paid by PSB.

This faucet operates on a claim every 60 minutes basis.
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Getting started with Pesobit is easy: Pesobit Wallet Software
Want to secure a bigger position with PSB? There are many exchanges where to buy PSB
Faucet Payouts are:
  • 85% chance to get 0.1 pesobit
  • 12.5% chance to get 0.25 pesobit
  • 2.5% chance to get 0.5 pesobit

Enter your pesobit address to get free Pesobit coins.

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